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Here are a list of my favorite books for entrepreneurs! My challenge: read 1 educational book every week.


Here are a list of my favorite movies for entrepreneurs! My challenge: watch 1 motivational movie every week.


Here are a list of my top quotes for entrepreneurs! My challenge: read 5 inspiring quotes every day.


Learn step by step how to start, run, and grow your my secret sauce to 10X your business!


Want personal help starting and growing your company? I founded EquityU to provide masterminds, coaching, and partnerships to accelerate your growth.


Hello, my name's Addison Hildebrandt. I'm an entrepreneur, investor, father, and educator. My specialty is starting, running, and growing businesses with teams to make crazy good money! But it didn't start that way...

Growing up, I sold everything: cd's, cookies, soda at my sister's softball games, mowed lawns, washed trash cans, and much more. Each business was fun, but none were REALLY successful.


It wasn't until my 20's that I found the real secret sauce to making businesses blow up and it's changed my life! Since then, I've founded and partnered with many companies including: Heart of Country Swing, Pro MTC, and GenX Generators. I also got married and have 2 kids...Super fun!

Funny thing is, when I started out it was ONLY about the money. Along the way, I come to realize it's been about personal transformation, impacting others, and lastly making money. I would love to see you have the same transformation, impact, and increase your wealth. Come join my live class to get started...

Ammon Takau, St Geezy & Landslide Festival

“Working with Addison has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. As a person, he has extremely high integrity and an incredible work ethic. He is very talented in understanding the small steps and systems needed while clearly seeing the 'big picture'. Our partnership has helped me become more proactive in business and less reactive, thinking and acting more like a big business."
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